AL GINKGO’s online community was born in 2021 after nearly two decades of WordPress blogging at omarzaid.com while I lived in Malaysia and Thailand. During that time I was fortunate to publish several books on Islamic values and the hidden histories of organized political and religious iniquity. These research and academic efforts included the failure of traditional Muslims to uphold genuine Islam since Mohammad’s demise. The why, who, when, and how this happened are topics that have attracted the interest of a few marginalized scholars and numerous students who seek forensics and solutions. Hence, our growing community.

AL GINKGO’s efforts at remediation involve informing individuals how regencies and the world of organized religion and politics have confined humanity to mind-controlled venues that foster both the practice and acceptance of iniquity. This requires study of sacrosanct subjects matters, including the Arabic Language; questionable elements of Muslim and Judeo-Christian history and doctrines; perverse metaphysics; scriptural misinterpretations; unknown history, ponerology (politically organized evil); comparative scriptural analyses; and the scientific principles of sociology, psychology, linguistics, education, human development, and noetics, etc. Our eclectic curricula and faculty are expanding with a view to synthesize knowledge and approach the gestalt wholeness implied by the term ‘tawhid’. This latter is something Muslims speak much of but abandoned when their leaders embraced the politically-correct persecution of reason in favor of blind obedience to religiosity. Hence, our pariah status is guaranteed.

By the grace of Allah swt, this age-old quandary pushed us closer to universal facts that embrace sacred linguistics (NuNetics) and the untold histories of sciences deemed worthy by many indigenous nations and cultures, most of whom have suffered modern and post-modern whips. Censure by pretenders and those who choose to deny humanity’s accountability to divine diktat, forces many to run blindly with the herd by repressing the human spirit’s development and true purpose. AL GINKGO, on the other hand, enjoys the liberation of this exclusion. Thus, we invite you to surf the herd’s history for lesser-known knowledge banks that encourage us to draw closer to our Source Creator.

AL GINKGO’s moral and ethical values are eclectic, monotheist, and protean. We embrace life with non-politically-correct applications of authentic knowledge from all cultures and disciplines. We seek informative avenues that avoid mis/dis-information and -direction. We also eschew ignorance and expose falsehoods that draw humanity closer to hell, here and hereafter. Hence, we are nemesis to ignoramuses in positions of power and hypocrites who serve vanity’s buffet. Fundamentalist Islam has stubbornly run a foul of many truths espoused in AL QURAN, especially in scientific realms of adab, which is far more than polite etiquette used by pretenders and pious bunglers, and therefore has no place at our table. We place them — along with other belief systems — under the microscope of intense criticism to expose iniquity and falsehood. 

our Goals are to:

(1) avoid intellectual and moral prurience while magnifying genuine spirituality (maturity); and

(2) scientifically enhance the harmonious social responsibility by synthesizing all truths so that life is understood in pristine terms.

All roads lead to truth, even and eventually if we take a turn towards hellishness.

May it please our Source Creator to guide us in this effort.

Kind Regards,


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