Campfire talks

My Campfire Lectures have been years in the making and offer a unique view of occult history and other matters that clarify and re-order our worldview with a gestalt knowledge synthesis approach that will completely change the way you look at creation and the world we live in.

They are not for everybody, nor are they offered lightly. I personally require that you, the purchaser, do not share them in any way except for private study. I give no permission for their reproduction. If anyone wishes to use them for formal educational purposes, please write to me for specific permission.

“Dr. Omar Zaid shares a wealth of knowledge that one cannot quantify an amount on. His ability to teach authentic history and the chain of events from Cain to the confusing modern era with exceptional video production is a treasure. The course is immersive, intriguing, and riveting. If you are seeking answers and clarification on how the elite are operating from an Islamic perspective, then this is a must.” – Deen Ibrahim

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