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My Campfire Lectures have been years in the making and offer a unique view of occult history and other matters that clarify and re-order our worldview with a gestalt knowledge synthesis approach that will completely change the way you look at creation and the world we live in.

They are not for everybody, nor are they offered lightly. I personally require that you, the purchaser, do not share them in any way except for private study. I give no permission for their reproduction. If anyone wishes to use them for formal educational purposes, please write to me for specific permission. ~dr. o

“Dr. Omar Zaid shares a wealth of knowledge that one cannot quantify an amount on. His ability to teach authentic history and the chain of events from Cain to the confusing modern era with exceptional video production is a treasure. The course is immersive, intriguing, and riveting. If you are seeking answers and clarification on how the elite are operating from an Islamic perspective, then this is a must.” – Deen Ibrahim

“Dr Zaid’s Campfire Talks answered many of my questions. One of the most significant answers can be summarized as follows:
Righteous men have failed to organize viable political systems that guarantee justice. This theme is explained throughout his entire lecture series via concrete, pan-historical examples. Evil men, on the other hand, have organized sophisticated systems of governance that guarantee the malignant spread of international, transgenerational institutions that guarantee a continuum of injustice. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, they used institutions and ideas that existed from time immemorial but were localized. They now manage to generalize these systems with extraordinary means, intelligence, strategy, and audacity.
As a scientist, the author navigates verifiable data. This, in its several guises, we systematically learn the genesis of organized evil’s evolutionary progress and purposes. Moreover, Dr. Zaid’s remarkable ability to reconcile history and science with scripture reduces complexity to the simplicity of archetypal story-telling by which he shares a unique approach to knowledge synthesis.
The student will access a twenty-six hour course on the several functions of ancient mystery religions that remain with us and which methods of mass mind control are still utilized. This series also offers an unprecedented perspective that is focused on the pan-historical development of organized evil. It draws its marrow, sinews and nerve from numerous academic disciplines and there are very who have dared to venture this far into this occult subject matter. Fewer still can meaningfully unravel these mysteries, and even less can connect the multifarious dots of this vast field of difficult research.
Having completed his course, I testify that Dr. Zaid possesses both the theoretical knowledge and real-life experience in much of what he describes. He undeniably possesses courage, knowledge, diligence, and an unwavering faith in Allah’s divine guidance.
At the present intersection of world history with the sacred texts of three major monotheistic religions; along with his interactions and relationships with native peoples, true Freemasons, and others; as well as his scientific knowledge, you will gain sufficient insights that will help you make the right choices.
Why? Because you will gain understanding.”
– Ascri Illfu, MsEcon., France Nov 2023

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