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Retired Physician, Author, Editor, and Occult Specialist

Dr. Omar Zaid

Dr. Omar Zaid is a retired physician, author, editor, and occult specialist. He has written numerous books and papers on topics such as Occult history, the Trinity, marriage, and metaphysics. His BLOG is a treasure trove of information for anyone who is intellectually and spiritually astute. 

Professional Educator, Language Instructor, Lecturer

Benjamin Bilal

Instructor Bilal is an imam, public speaker, instructor, relationship counselor, singer-songwriter, and author of nineteen books to date. At NuNetics Institute, he conducts a weekly LIVE seminar every Sunday evening called the ‘UniverCity Online Learning Course’ which is available for anyone to join. His YouTube

Native American Cherokee, US Military Vet, Father, and Master Linguist

Mahir El

A proud U. S. Army veteran of 14 years’ service performing the duties of a Commanding Combat Engineer Officer. Possesses 20 years of extensive expertise in a Data Networks, Voice, Disaster Recovery, Network Operations, Implementation, and Wireless implementation. Npower Alumni and currently enrolled in the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University CompTIA Security+ SY0-501.

Professional Educator, Lecturer

Ayoob Karim

Ayoob Karim from South Africa, is an imam, public speaker, instructor. He was a student of the late distinguished scholar Ahmed Dedaat. His Youtube Channel QuranInspiresMe aims to open the mind to a realistic understanding of the Quran, so we can live a Progressive and Prosperous Life in Peace and Harmony with all of God Almighty’s Creation, according to the directives of teh Glorious Quran.

AL GINKGO Webmaster

Hasan Xorasani

We have finally found someone who is more than capable and willing to work with us at the backend of all things IT and put our websites and forum, etc, back in order, Alhamduillah.  He lives in Islamabad, Pakistan.  If you have any IT needs, please contact him Here.

He is Full Stack JS Developer, actively developing his full stack progressive web app creation framework called Mudeer, developing a tiny forum app called Dewaan, Free & Open Source Software Advocate.

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Join us and connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests and beliefs. Engage in respectful dialogue, share your perspectives, and expand your knowledge. Our forum is a welcoming space where you can learn, grow, and connect with a diverse community of individuals from around the world.

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Our websites constitutes a new level of growth in the evolution of my work. Alhamduillah. It has thus far cost more than $35,000 to bring everything involved (people, technology and books) to this point. We are still learning and developing and are in need of your help to survive and continue the work of educating our online Jummah regarding the relevance of Islam to the occult methodology of the enemies of truth (NWO). Thank you kindly for visiting and considering membership. May Allah SWT grant you refuge and clear guidance.

Membership avails different privileges and perks. Some content is available to everyone, while some is not. If you cannot afford the more exclusive content, let us know and we will consider scholarship funds, if and when available. But be advised, more advanced learning requires a stronger foundation and the majority of readers are not prepared.

~ Dr. Omar Zaid

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