<b>"The Correctional Officer"-Baba Shuaib & Dr. Omar Zaid</b>
2pm (EST new york time)
Feb 15th, 2024
Discussion on the current state of the Ummah.
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Salaam To All,

AL GINKGO follows a confirmed, guided path that embraces the mahdi of divine grace to expand our understanding of Al’ Islam. This evolution, per fitra-Allah, includes the revision and unveiling of Al Quran’s revelation, as well as a history that has remained relatively unknown—one that includes Native Americans and the posterity of those who accepted Al’ Islam as Templar Knights under Salahu’din. Both groups were forced by traditionalists (Jew, Christian, and Muslim) to go underground. The time of their concealment has ended. So let us welcome them by reaching out to touch and be touched by the dreams and visions of warriors whom our Source Creator calls by name (see TRUST: Ontogeny & Misplacement, to understand the importance of ‘touch’). The solat of this sacred piping returns us to peace, here and hereafter.

~ Dr Omar Zaid

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