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Dr. Omar Zaid

Asalamu Alaikum. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

I have dedicated this part of my life to researching and writing about the many Occult Societies that have guided disobedient men to the present World dis-Order. My works are widely, readily, and economically available as possible utilizing PDF and internet mediums, so please browse and select what is pertinent for your circumstance and knowledge base. In addition, I invite comments, observations, criticisms, corrections and/or queries.

My books have slowly evolved from cyber-shadow to printed pages. Trinity was first published by PenPress in England in 2008. It now enjoys three editions. Since then The Hand of Iblis, Forgotten Saints, The Taqua of Marriage and Cain’s Creed: The Cult(s) of Rome have been published by AS Noordeen (KL) Malaysia. The Hand of Iblis has been translated into Bahasa Melayu for publication in Indonesia with French and Spanish translations completed, Alhamdulillah.

Marko Franciskovic, (born in 1970.) is a Croatian intellectual, Muslim convert, graduate economist, published writer of five books, war veteran, expert geopolitical analyst and commentator, dissident and political activist. Heavily censored by the Croatian regime, in his twenty-plus years of public work he consistently spoke against the interest based monetary system, as well as NATO, EU, UN, and other universalist organizations; also against secularism and democracy. During this period, and continuing to this day, he exposed the occupation of Croatia by a puppet regime that serves outside, internationalist interests.

In December, 2021. Marko was imprisoned again after delivering a series of speeches at peaceful anti-covid passport gatherings. The charge being: “reasonable doubt of committing a crime of public incitement to terrorism”. At time of this writing he is still in prison and under investigation for a crime we know never happened. Until his arrest, Marko was in the process of writing part two of his most recent book Croatian Jihad. Until his arrest, he regularly published commentary and analyses on his YouTube channel “Banovina Horosan”.



Medical Doctor, Business Graduate, Health and Wellness Expert, Researcher, Radio Show Host, Author. In addition to his Medical Qualification which he obtained from the University of Natal Medical School, Dr. Kirsten also holds a Post-graduate Degree in Business Administration (MBA from the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business).

Dr. Faiez is also the author of several books and articles. His speaking topics are The Global Healthcare and Cancer Crises, Destructive Chronic Stress, The Ten Dimensions of Optimal Health and Wellness and The Subconscious Mind amongst others

Mr. Zaza is a transformational oriented entrepreneur whose career reflects experience in creating high performance teams with track records of achievements in building multitudes of highly successful, diverse global companies through both Organic and External Growth. Effective at targeting/solving problems by utilizing teams to maximize solutions.

His current focus is integrating tailored opulent designs for consumer an commercial environments by employing innovating & sustainable practices through an acquisition strategy to identify and optimize critical assets within the consumer electronics sector.

His fields of research are in, but not limited to, Nutrition, Medicine, Naturopathic methodologies, Cyber-Security,
FOSS, GNU/Linux, and Transactions. All of his research applies to consultation, business methodology, personal life, and to AL GINKGO’s mission.



Engineer Sufyan Jan, born in Jeddah 1993, obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from King Abdulaziz University and then a Master’s degree in the same specialty from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. He also studied in-depth Israel’s internal affairs and translated several
articles in this field into Arabic.

Sufyan was particularly interested in studying the Zionist movement in the United States of America and its contribution to American decision-making through the formation of a complex and influential network of relations within the United
States. Not overlook, as well, is the role that Israel plays in rapprochement with China, its pivotal role in the so-called Silk Road, and its diversion of American technology to the Russo-Chinese camp.

He also aims, through his multi disciplinary readings and research contributions, to alert the Arab youth and bring them
closer to their true cause, and to contribute to creating an eff

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