Dr. Omar Zaid

Salaamun Alaikum. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

I have dedicated this part of my life to researching and writing about the many Occult Societies that have guided disobedient men to the present World dis-Order. My works are widely, readily, and economically available as possible utilizing PDF and internet mediums, so please browse and select what is pertinent for your circumstance and knowledge base. In addition, I invite comments, observations, criticisms, corrections and/or queries.

My books have slowly evolved from cyber-shadow to printed pages. Trinity was first published by PenPress in England in 2008. It now enjoys three editions. Since then The Hand of Iblis, Forgotten Saints, The Taqua of Marriage and Cain’s Creed: The Cult(s) of Rome have been published by AS Noordeen (KL) Malaysia. The Hand of Iblis has been translated into Bahasa Melayu for publication in Indonesia with French and Spanish translations completed, Alhamdulillah.  ~dr.o

Former Freemason Accepts Islam

Dr. Omar's Books

The second edition of Trinity, the Metamorphosis of Myth is available through A.S. Noodeen; David Pidscock published a limited third edition of 200 copies in England (the best version). Jerusalem Sion & Zion is in print (Apr.2014) and has been translated to Spanish; Islam in the Shadows of the New World Order has been published in Ireland.

These and others not yet in print are available here in usable PDF formats. E-book links for some are also available. They do not and could not cover the entire gamut of the occult activities that have brought us the New World dis-Order, but they do provide gestalt perspective based on the Islamic Worldview that exposes the satanic wizardry that stands behind it.

I am currently finishing a definitive book on marriage and the occult that covers aspects of the LGBT question and new physics/metaphysics/political occult science (poneology) that people refuse to discuss. It’s a gem, please help me get it into print, as my resources are insufficient.

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Supporting Dr. Omar's Work

I am neither a traditional Islamic Scholar nor am I academically trained in modern research methodology. My work is better thought of as an expose’ on mankind’s perfidy and foolishness as written by a reasonably well read reporter. If possible, please assist me with the costs of running this website, my research, and book distributions for those who cannot pay.

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