Cain’s Creed


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Cain—from which we derive ‘Kin’ & ‘King’—founded the Dravidian Cult that spawned the trinitarian ‘Baal Worship’ common to all ancient ‘Fertility Mystery Religions’ of sexual magic; groups specifically condemned by every Adamic Prophet, including “Jesus” [Yehoshuah/Isa]. The Babylonian cult was initially brought to Rome during the Punic Wars as the goddess cult of Cybele, the granddame mother goddess initially known as Lilith, the wife of Iblis. The Knights of Malta are sworn to serve the profanity, now under the pontifex maximus of Romanism whose Jesuits established Communism in 16th century Paraguay. In its entirety, Communism is their governmental system. Even Josef Stalin was one of their own, a Jesuit Priest. They elevated Hitler under Pious XII after sending Lenin to Moscow on a Papal Train. Was this gesture an act of Christian Charity , a Zionist Protocol or perhaps both? Learn the satanic truth of these matters. If you are a sincere monotheist, read and weep over modern man’s servitude to the gods, goddesses and satraps of this ancient blasphemy. – oz

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