Refuge from the Damned


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As highways and airways shorten distance, and as buildings rise along with environmental destruction, immorality, food prices, consumer goods, shopping malls and richer-poorer income gaps, our families and traditional social infrastructures collapse with a one hundred percent correlation. This impossible-by-chance association has everything to do with extremely effective propaganda machines governed by protocols that purposely mislead the public by means of what War Colleges call PSYOPS — the prosecution of very real cultural subversion.
Moreover, despite its sixty-plus years and multi-millions in monetary and human investments, the Islamization of Knowledge (IOK) movement has halted neither Muslim decline nor the imposition of the West’s destructive sub-culture and decadence. Be you diplomat, alim, teacher, governor, or struggling pedestrian, if you remain unaware of their metaphysical weaponry and exquisitely organized occult fellowships, your naiveté is proof enough of the cunning misdirection described herein.

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