Unraveling the Truth with Dr. Omar Zaid – Episode 2


0:00 – 1:20  Introduction.

1:21 – 14:38  Roles of nature and nurture in development of homosexuality.

14:39 – 15:12   Spiritual reality of sexual deviancy.

15:12 – 16:11  Sexual guidance based on divine order.

16:11 – 30:45  How a true marriage should be viewed, and relation of marriage to fullfilment of divine order.

30:45 – 32:26  Manhood, adab and justice.

32:27 – 37:25  Place of refuge from the Dajjalic hivemind, and seeking the face of ALLAH.

37:26 – 45:46  Judeo-Christian alliance, Olympians and the relationship of Muslim leaders to such entities and the trickling down effect to the common man who is also responsible.

45:47   51:43  Safety bubble of the contemporary Muslim, invitation to mountains or rural regions being direct invitations from ALLAH.

51:44 – 55:31  Lack of refuge of the individual Muslim relates to placing trust in unworthy Muslim leaders.

55:32 – 1:15:05  Being active participants of satanic rituals through over indulgence in entertainment. Hypnotic entertainment vs Artistic entertainment.

1:15:06 – 1:16:25  The Covid 19 Vaccine rollout.

1:16:26 – 1:27:31  Desirability of this kind of knowledge and how it pertains to destiny vs fate.

1:27:32 – 1:38:02  Redemption through Christ vs redemption through deed.


Doctor Omar Zaid speaks on how homosexuality and sexual compromise originate from concerted efforts of the satanic media who propagate this narrative to push an agenda of gender confusion. This concerted effort then results in conditioning of individuals to be confused about sex, sexual orientation, and gender. This deep rooted conditioning then results in subsequent generations misreading this abdication of sexual purity as a naturally occurring phenomenon. Doctor Omar then goes on to delineate the difference between naturally occurring sexual confusion and sexual confusion which occurs as a result of conditioning. He connects the development of the human brain to development of sexual identity, and its link to ones physical sex.

He then establishes that sodomy and pre marital sex are physical transgressions that incur spiritual devastation. These practices make ones soul vulnerable to infestation by satanic jinn. Doctor Omar then delivers the spiritual repercussions of sexual deviancy. The occurrence of sexual malpractice such as sodomy, or pre marital sex is a reflection of the very denial of existence of the spiritual kingdom, and ALLAH, and his angels as a result of subconcious adoption of the materialist worldview. Sexual deviancy is a result of the denial of divine order which dictates the relation of creation to ALLAH. The manifest blessing in sex is in marriage which is within divine order and divine order is guidance.

Furthermore, Doctor Omar unveils the misconceptions associated with the ceremony of marriage and how it has been exaggerated on grandiose levels. The only principle that is required in marriage is the agreement of the to be Husband and Wife to marry each other and their proclamation for being wed to each other in front of witnesses who observe this divinely ordained event. This is marriage according to divine order which recognizes and aligns with the order of ALLAH, Husband, Wife, the children, Angels, the Jinn, the animal kingdom, and then the mud we are made of. This marriage does not need intermediaries and it is a celebration of man, woman, their relation to ALLAH, and the relationship of man and woman in the kingdom of ALLAH. The marriage itself is formation of kingdom via a union of souls. The lack of intermediaries in marriage is also a practice of the mans own individual chivalry and an ode to his role of khilafah over his wife, whereby this role is directly bestowed upon him by ALLAH. Doctor Omar firmly establishes that marriage is an institution and not a business. He gives a few examples from the sahabah to illustrate this point. The archetype of authority of man over his wife is related to the archetype of the relation of humans to ALLAH, which is again the reinforcement of divine order. The woman submits to the chilvalrous man for her adab, and the man protects this woman who dwells in his khilafah as his adab is based on chilvalry which is itself based on divine order. Thus a piece of heaven (divine order) exists in this household !

Doctor Omar then elaborates on the disappearance of true manhood, and adab in contemporary Islamic scholarship and how this ultimately manifests in misguidance and a submission to the occult Dajjalic ruling elite, and their propaganda, and ruling policies. This disappearance of manhood eventually leads to the collapse of divine order, and shariah law without divine order has no backbone to stand on and becomes useless and indeed becomes a tool that is usurped by the satanic conspirators for their benefit. As a result, guidance becomes obsolete, and redundancies such as homosexual Muslims, gender confusion, and fatwas in favor of vaccines, and facemasks appear in the Muslim household. These anomalies contradict and defy tawheed that is the backbone of divine law itself.

Doctor then speaks on how all Muslim countries have submitted themselves to the Dajjalic agenda, and how there are no more Islamic nations on earth. This makes the individual guided Muslim seem one without a home. He maps out the method of refuge from this dajjalic web is sole reliance on ALLAH, and seeking his face, whereby you live your life according to divine order, and leave every outcome to ALLAH and hope he guides you out and paves a way out for you from this system.

He then constructs a picture of organized Jewry whereby it is a top down system as opposed to a bottom up system. Top occult families use freemasonry as a tool to dictate the zeitgeist of a particular time period. Freemasonry was rooted in world governments via the British commonwealth which was a direct product of British colonialism. The Muslim leaders then submit to the zeitgeist perpetuated by the Freemasons in an act of defiance to the Qur’an in which ALLAH clearly prohibits believers from entertaining such alliances. This submission to the hand of Iblis boils over to societies in a circular manner as the very lack of manhood and men holding firm to divine order enable such catastrophic failure to begin with. Men without divine order become men without knowledge of defensive warfare to protect ALLAHs kingdom, they don’t know how to love their women, and they don’t know of the Earths produce, and natural phenomenon and they become useless. Henceforth, people in such predicaments can not expect ALLAHs protection or guidance, and can only hope for ALLAHs mercy on the day of judgement when their deeds are weighed on the scale. Therefore, in the current landscape, Muslims can not expect any refuge in their nations since nothing reflecting ALLAHs kingdom exists in the Muslim hivemind.

Doctor Omar then explains how seeking refuge in mountainous regions is a romantic notion that people hold, and infact it is anything but a romantic notion. It requires pre exposure to such harsher conditions of living, and the contemporary guided Muslim must hope for an invitation by those mountainous people to those regions, and that invitation is a sign of ALLAHs mercy, and an extension of ALLAHs own invitation for the person to be safe. ALLAH might show the contemporary Muslims signs beforehand if they are chosen for this mission of refuge. You either have the grace of ALLAH and you are prepared to receive it, and act on it, or you are not, and most Muslims are not prepared for this grace in current times. Being prepared to accept the grace of ALLAH requires an understanding, and acceptance of the current web of deception, and freeing yourself from its shackles all the while relinquishing the control of this path, and leaving the outcome of all its steps to ALLAH, and submitting to ALLAHs will completely. Enjoining good and forbidding evil is the essence of this path and the true middle way of Islam.

Doctor Omar then talks about the mesmerizing effect of rituals such as the superbowl, grammy awards and events akin to these and points out the repercussions on the mind that indulging in these rituals (entertainment) could bring. These rituals en masse are a product of organized Jewry and an attempt to keep the public entertained and keep their subconscious mind in a trance all the whilst remaining oblivious to the realities of their times. He then goes on to establish the difference between hypnotic ritualistic entertainment and artistic true entertainment. True artistic entertainment such as theatre or good music is an expression of the human soul, and things such as good music are mathematically designed to result in vibrational effects of tranquility, and contentment, which hearkens back to Kun Fayakun.

Subsequently, Doctor Omar expresses the importance of pursuing this kind of knowledge and how it ultimately hearkens back to knowing your enemy, enjoining good and forbidding evil, pursuing destiny (Good action) while experiencing fate (ALLAHs decree) and this journey finally leading to establishing ALLAHs kingdom on earth.

Finally, Doctor Omar Zaid clears up misconceptions about the Christians’ idea of salvation. Christians don’t believe in the relationship of the individual to ALLAH, rather they believe that Isa (AS) was sent to shoulder the burdens of the sins of man, and that his crucifixion was an act of sacrifice whereby this act abdicated the responsibilities of the individual Christian to do good deeds, and instead submit to Isa (AS)s sacrifice as a plea to ALLAH to be salvaged. This is wrong as this ideation only produces fruit from the tree of good and evil and always maintains that dichotomy of good vs evil. On the other hand, doing good deeds and propagating only good deeds yield good fruit only and this hearkens back to building the kingdom of ALLAH which only has good in it and also hearkens back to Adam and Hawa (AS) before they ate the forbidden fruit and came to know of the existence of evil.

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