Submission of Muslim leaders, Covid 19 farce, and marking of the Muslim ummah.


0:00 – 4:00  Cognitive dissonance, mark of the beast, predictive programming, conformation bias, and compounded ignorance.

5:55 – 19:35  Covid 19 farce, weaponization of Microwaves, taking leaders as those who destroy the earth.

20:50 – 27:47  Compliance of Muslim leaders to evil, hastening of the evil agenda.

27:48 – 34:39  The questionable existence of the Covid 19 virus as a result of its non isolation, and faulty test, the desire of being in the comfort zone as opposed to being on truth.

34:40 – 41:31  Omar Mukhtar as an example of true Islamic character, idealism as a weapon of sabotage, Ikhwaan ul Muslimeen and Salafis as examples of idealists.

41:31 – 50:02  Recruitment of mainstream Islamic scholars to destroy Islam from the inside, ALLAH using his chosen slaves to exemplify how the enemy attacks.

50:03 – 1:08:50 -The Covid 19 vaccine as one of the marks of the beast, Luciferase, and false religion.

1:08:51 – 1:27:40  Pathetic state, and stupidity of Muslims, and their leaders and submission of Muslims to ancient world order of magi and their orders.

1:27:41 – 1:32:28  Ottomans marking Muslims as cursed, and working for eventual incorporation of Muslims as part of the one world religion.

1:32:28 – 1:42:18  How to bring divine order in the household?

1:42:19 – 1:53:15   Getting this information out to people, and sakeenah.

1:53:16 – 2:01:10  Aluminium exposure, and detoxification by fasting.



Doctor Omar Zaid delineates how the Covid 19 theatre has been organized to portray something akin to a real pandemic. He makes links between environmental triggers as well as triggers stemming from previous vaccination campaigns, whereby these things interact to create symptoms that have been ascribed to Covid 19. He relates this fitnah to corrupt leadership who have a twisted agenda to change ALLAHs creation, and destroy the earth.

Doctor Omar delves into the repercussions and root causes of compliance of Muslim leaders to corrupt leadership. He also explains why the evil agenda seems to be more rushed now rather than being a gradual slow process as it more often than not has appeared to be in the past.

Doctor Omar then proceeds to state how the non isolation of the Covid 19 virus, and the faulty RT-PCR test both lead to mounting questions about the existence of the Covid 19 coronavirus. He goes on to draw links between this so called pandemic and the ‘’green zone’’ pertaining to vaccination campaigns. He gives some examples of great Islamic warriors such as Omar Mukhtar, who portrayed what it means to be on the path of truth, and refusing the path of lavish comfort.

Doctor Omar then confirms the fact of Islam being sabotaged from the inside by the recruitment of scholars who deploy this agentur against Islam. He also gives a few examples of how ALLAH puts some of his most beloved slaves through certain trials in order to expose the machinations of the enemy to future Muslims.

Doctor Omar ties this upcoming Covid 19 vaccine to the system of the beast which is ultimately tied to false religion. He goes on to explain a few of the scientific realities tied to this vaccine, and how the vaccine ultimately tries to interfere with Kun Fayakun.

Doctor Omar then underlines the phenomenon of infiltration of Islamic scholarship, whereby Islamic scholars are meticulously placed in high positions to compromise and sabotage Islam, and undermine true Islamic teaching, as well as to propagate the agenda of their enemy. This arises from submission of Muslim leaders to their spiritual enemy. He also states how entire caliphates can be hijacked to achieve compromise of Islam and Muslims to form the one world religion, and the Ottoman empire is a prime example of this phenomenon.

Doctor Omar then explains the methodology through which a sincere believer gets guidance, and how ALLAH puts the correct people, and knowledge at the right time and place so that the individual is exposed to the guidance they need.

Finally, Doctor Omar closes the episode through answering a question pertaining to Aluminium exposure, and its subsequent detoxification from the human body.

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