Complementarity between Males and Females, Androgyny, and system of plunder.


Doctor Omar Zaid starts off by elucidating on the minutae complementaries between Male and female and how they are meant for each other at the subatomic level. He then delineates on how the occult ruling hand have misconstrued this divine concept, and anointed their own saviour to be an androgyne, and this prototype started from Sibil (the first mother Goddess). He ties this androgyne messiahship as representing the tip of the freemasonic pyramid, whereby the androgyne Magi are protected by an organized bureaucracy, known as the Freemasons. This ancient system of Zoroastrian magick has been passed down since ancient times, and formed the core belief system of groups like the Ismaeli hashashins, and the Illuminati, and this system has resulted in submission of the secular and Islamic world to organized idolatry.

Doctor Omar then talks about how Islamic scholarship has utterly failed to understand this ruling system, and convey justice, and how they have blindly submitted to this system of plunder, and by doing so, they betrayed the Qur’an, as well as the olden scriptures. He illustrates several consequences of this betrayal of Islamic scholars to the truth, one of which is the infestation of the LGBTQ mindset amongst Muslims.



0:00 – 15:00  Adam and Hawaa were complementary and not separate, androgyny, kabbalah considering Adam to be both male and female.

15:00 – 47:54  Degrees of freemasonry above the 33rd degree, Muslims not learning other scriptures and not Islamizing olden knowledge, and organized idolatry.

47:55 – 1:04:58  Islamic leaders choosing safety over truth, Idolatry and gigantism, and leaders who choose safety over truth are guided by hand of Iblis.

1:04:59 – 1:13:45  Do celebrities have to succumb to androgyny? Dajjal being androgyne, and  international governance for the sake of plunder.

1:13:45 – 1:37:48 Why is Islam the last religion to be attacked by the LGBTQ group?

1:37:49 to end  Hearth of humanity being their deeds, prophets not being infallible, but scripture being infallible, and war for the sake of plunder vs war for defence of righteousness.








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