Qabeel, Organized religion, and the mark of the beast



0:00 – 1:33:48  Mystery religions archetype, Qabeel being cursed, Shakti, and relations to kabbalah.

1:33:49 – 1:44:50   Why are Masons obsessed with the temple?. The wailing wall.

1:44:51 – 1:58:40  Alien invasion being disguised as Jinn Infestation, magicians being voluntarily possessed, Jinn infesting occult bloodlines.

1:58:41 – 2:10:58  Mark of the beast, and Guernica painting.

2:11:00 – 2:25:33  Will the vaccine be held back to let a new pathogen unleash devastation, and make truthseekers the scapegoats?

2:25:33 – end   Is pornography a modern day manifestation of mystery religion rites?



Doctor Omar Zaid elucidates how ancient mystery religions ascribe anthropomorphic features to ALLAH, and propagate ‘’son of GOD’’ doctrine to faciliate worldwide devastation and plunder to hearken the ‘’son of GOD’’ messiah. He elaborates on the initiation rites of the ancient mysteries, and how they appeal to humanism and anthropomorphism. Furthermore, he builds on the institutionalization of plunder by Qabeel. He also clarifies the sexual nature of the wailing wall, and how the temple and freemasonic system are symbolically intertwined. He associates the mark of the beast to the Guernica painting and how it is actually the mark of Qabeel. He also talks about sexual promiscuity, and its symbolism in various cultures. Finally, he differentiates between true patriarchy and patriarchy that serves Qabeels system of plunder

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