Qabeels way, Ancient mysteries, and significant light vs insignificant light


4:45 – 19:07  Why it’s important to be knowledgeable of the ancient mystery archetypes, coming of the Kingdom of ALLAH with the messiah, and ignorance.
19:07 – 30:17  Ancient Mysteries, arcana, fitrah, and Qur’an being a continuum of prophetic tradition rather than being a solitary reference point.

30:18 – 51:37  Qabeel being the first deceiver, king, and pirate within man, and Qabeel usurping religion to propagate his agenda.

51:38 – 1:14:17  Cowardice, and submission of individuals to their own will. Islam vs Arab traditionalism.

1:14:18 – 1:23:05  What to do with Jewified Islamic scholarship, Islamizing divine concepts such as marriage.

1:23:05 – 1:29:16  Natural interference in remedy vs unnatural interference and the implications of the latter.

1:29:17 – 1:37:00 Implementation of Covid 19 Vaccine.

1:37:00 – 1:53:10  Obsession with space travel and its repercussions.

1:53:11 – 1:57:20  Implications of Blood transfusion

1:57: 21 – 2:03:03  How do we die before we die?

2:03:04 – 2:12:32  Changing ALLAHs creation through things such as gene splicing, vaccines etc, and the mystery of the placebo effect.

2:12:33 – 2:21:58  Righteous hand path vs Right hand and left hand path of Iblis. ALLAH intervening in the lives of the Muslims on the righteous hand path.

2:21:59 – 2:29:42  How to avoid the vaccine.



Doctor Omar Zaid begins the episode by answering a question about the importance of learning about Ancient mysteries. Knowing about the ancient mysteries is an important aspect of the believers knowledge, as it makes the Qur’an and sunnah relevant and equips the believer with knowledge of their own position within history, and avoids the risk of ignorance, which serves Iblis.

Doctor Omar narrates the beginning of the ancient mysteries, which is greatly intertwined with the progression of human history. He then goes on to explain Arcana, which is the origin of prophetic knowledge that is passed down and becomes the reference point for subsequent revealed scripture. He establishes how the Qur’an came to complete the ancient prophetic traditions, and complements them to form the ‘’full picture’’ rather than being a standalone point of reference. Viewing the Qur’an as a continuation is crucial to building the kingdom of ALLAH.

Doctor Omar then talks about Qabeel, who is the lesser of Adams two sons, and represents the zeitgeist of the insignificant light. He elaborates on how Qabeel recruited whole civilizations in order to formulate organized mystery religions at around 8000 BC and how those mystery religions have been exported all the way from that time to today to form the archetype of world governance.

Doctor Omar then establishes how cowardice leads to submission to the people of Qabeel, as opposed to submission to ALLAH and building his kingdom. He further clarifies on how obsessive compulsion with religious legalism leads to one being unable to achieve correct knowledge, maintain dominion and earn the significant light.

Doctor Omar then explains the process of Islamization of knowledge, and gives an example of this approach by linking it to a divine concept such as marriage. He elaborates on the subatomic realities of marriage, and how it relates to significant light, and how chauvinistic zeitgeist represents insignificant light and is portrayed as Islam.

Finally, he answers questions about the protocol of the Covid 19 vaccine rollout, obsession of the ruling elite with space travel, and what it means to die before you die. He elucidates concepts pertaining to changing ALLAHs creation through vaccines, gene splicing etc, and implores science to understand the mystery of the placebo effect.

Doctor Omar finally explains the difference between the believer who is on the righteous hand path, and one who is on the right hand path or left hand path of Iblis. ALLAH intervenes in the lives of ones who are in the righteous hand path.

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