The Great Divide


Nine lectures on occult history and metaphysics that prove the ancient conspiracy of organized evil.

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The Great Divide:

Occult Aspects of History & Governance: 9 hours

First Hour: Simplicity Versus Complexity

Complexity’s relation to fraud / Subversion of the Shura, The Deep State / organized evil versus the Kingdom of Heaven / simplicity of governance defined (adab), meritocracy / how confusion and babel protect the elite, relation of tribalism & nepotism to mysticism & ignorance / cults of the NWO, wealth confiscation by the elite, ritual sacrifice, Muslim failure.

Second Hour: Current Events & The Cult of Cain’s Curse

A Political System of Plunder
Perfected organized evil revisited and explained as Cain’s Curse = plunder by occult societies who devise vain religious traditions / the ‘golden calf ‘of this system of plunder is based on a legalist political sup[port of false doctrine, the lunar crescent, reprobation / Eden, king of the mountain, the Shia land bridge, Dravidia / pre-Dravidian cannibals, the savage trinity, children of gods, human sacrifice, sophisticated fertility cult, primitive phallic worship / on to Babylon, the serpent cult, gnostic origins, Jewish-Freemasonic connection.

Third Hour: God Eaters

Review / primitive religion, mother goddess, Kali, Black Madonna, Mother Nature, elements in modern culture / Shakti worship, divine hermaphrodite, mediatrix, Sophia, Holy Spirit, mother-wife partner / Hesus (son-of-god), trinity, Madonna & Child, virgin mothers, sacrificed children of god / double headed eagle of Lagash, Star & Crescent, serpent fertility cult, Persia / Greek hermaphrodite god & Shakti, Hermes-Mercury-Caduceus / Hebrew bi-sexual Adam (Jah-Hovah) the hermaphrodite god, davening as ritual copulation with Shekinah / Gnostic Christ as logos or hermaphrodite Adam or ‘son-of-man’ or Hermes / Rothschilds, Russia, Freemasonry, Hermes & the Serpent Cult of the Caduceus, the magician’s wand or mace as Kundalini sex worship.

Fourth Hour: Divine Blood

Yazidi serpent worship, the priesthood of Kali, the blood of god, communion / Damascus & esotericism, Templars, Bal Shems, pseudo-Sufis, Perennialism, Lucifer / Star & Crescent explained, Sumer, fertility & sexual magic, Vatican, olitical usage / sociopaths and astro- theology, esoteric versus exoteric religion, globalism as the Fourth Reich of Rome / right and left-hand paths of misguidance, ritual human sacrifice, Baal worship and the eucharist, physiological basis for mind control

Fifth Hour: Lies & Liars

Virgil & the Immaculate conception of Augustus Caesar / Mohammad’ letter to Khosrau II, Bukhari on Gnostics, Magi & Initiates / phallus worship, skull & bones / Boy Scouts, the Madonna Lilly / cult methodology (esoteric vs exoteric), black sun, Illuminati, Jesuits, taqlid,memes, propaganda, semiotics, dialogues / Picasso, Abdallah Ibn Maymun, organized evil in the modern age, the Guelphs, Adam Weishaupt,

Sixth Hour: Jews Who Are Not

Babylon, Siparra, Sephardim, Northern Israel, Scribes & Bankers, Talmud, Kallah, link to Ashkenazim / Khabil & selfishness, the first-born versus the second-born / Piracy, Fatimids, Ismailis, Phoenicians, Caananites, Sepharviam & Jews who are not Jews* / the Pope’s Party (Guelphs), Venice & the Crusades, the Red Cross of the Templars / Salah al-Din, Assassins, Fatimid genealogy exposed, Maymun revisited as Jew of the Hour, Melek Taus, holy fire, “the hadrat Ali” lie as Jewish accretion.

* in this segment I misspoke by saying Atilla The Hun sacked Rome, this is not so, it was Alaric the Visigoth in 410 AD

Seventh Hour: Vatican Rats (part 1) the fertility cult

selfish materialism, the Cave of Paneas in the Lebanon, Asherah, Al Lat, the Great Goddess, sons-of-god, Yamma, EL, Baal, Christian parallels / Vatican precursors, St Sara al Kali, prasad, Sargon, Dalai Lama, Christmas, Baal worship, political mind control, compounded ignorance, cognitive dissonance & bias. mob mentality supports false jihad & crusades / The tribe of Dan, homosexuality, Jeroboam, Jeremiah, heart disease, priestly cannibals, the big picture / peacock worship, Melek Taus, fallen angels, fertility serpent cult, Shamahran (Queen of Serpents), good fortune as a deal with the devil.

Eighth Hour: Vatican Rats (part 2) god eaters, a savage cosmology

Jesuit assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Catholic Compulsion as a Savage & Primitive Religion, cannibalism & human sacrifice explained as Divine Hunger / Catholic Action, Church Militant & Triumphant as the redemptive social order / Bohemian Grove, eye of Kronos, cross & scapegoats / the eucharist, IHS, Constantine’s Labarum, Pharaoh’s Chi Ro, King Bera of Sodom / a closer look at Saudi Uniforms, the color red and Shia idolatry / Pope Leo XIII declares war on America

Ninth Hour: The Power of Consensus

Political will: revealed legitimacy versus illegitimacy & myth, sociopathy, pretense & subversion / unifying consensus, goal directed processing, confirmation bias / cannibalism revisited, Indians and Aztecs, organ harvesting / consensus processing: indoctrination, semiotics, propaganda, involuntary submission / Gnostics, Magi & Initiates: Who & How, Freemasons & Jesuits & Jews / the certainty of injustice, modern Egyptian priesthood, Hermes-Thoth alchemy, applied semiotic science, patriotic ritual & the subversion of fitrah,

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