Understanding The NWO


Lectures includes the following topics:

Three Important Lectures on Gnosticism, Modern Judeo-Christianity, and the ancient fertility cult Mystery Religions (see promotional videos for each one)

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These lectures summarize, expand and complete the first two series of lectures and cannot be fully understood until the very last moments of the third hour.

First Hour: The Cloak of Gnosticism

This lecture connects dots between the black sun, pentagram, eye of Horus, the red cloak of Babylon & Sodom, Catholicism, Communism, British Israelitism, the NWO, Romanism & the British Commonwealth.

Basic Satanic Tenets: moral and social Darwinism, eugenics, greater good / Conspiracy (esotericism) & ignorance uses the Right Hand Path (Authoritarianism) = Plutocratic Neo-Patriarchy based on legalism / Principles of Cain’s Creed: political methodology, institutions & outcomes / The Red Movement: Amorites, the Cloak, Northern Israel & Jeroboam: Red Carpet-Cloak for Kings of the Earth versus Elisha / Alexanders-Josephus-Flavians & Gospels, Council of Nicaea, Trinity, Philo: all lead to the Cult of the Red Cloak / Occult meanings of colors.

Second Hour: Stars, Gnostics, Slaves & You

Initiates, Magi, Gnostics: liberty, goddess & star, deified Vitruvian Man, spiritual immaturity / devolution of humanity, spiritual void, gay ascendance, bisexual gods / Synagogue of Satan & the Genesis of Christianity: Josephus, Philo of Alexandria, Basilides, Cult of Serapis, Mark of Cain, Hadrian the Sodomite / The Jewish Trinity: Kabbalah, Sophia, gay Gnostic cults / goddess evolution: subversion of Europe, Carolingians & Merovingians, Cult of Sion, Venice, Guelphs, William of Orange, Bank of England, Britannia / Ignatius Loyola & Mariolatry / Emperor Cults: Greco-Chaldean-Persian-Babylonian model, Greco-Roman model, Jews, Chabad, Kings of the Earth.

Third Hour: What Picasso Told Us

The Keys of Janus & Cybele: Jupiter & Peter, Leviathan / Saturn (the hidden god) / Etruscans, Pontifex Maximus, child sacrifice with official government sanction / Kronos, Cyclops, arcana regarding materialism versus spirituality / Tidanum Amorites (Sephardi Jews) of Ugarit & the NWO’s ‘Kings of the Earth’ / King Og of Bashan, Rephaim, Nephilim, Marduk, Dedan, Titans, Mt. Herman, Golan Heights, Amorite Royalty / Arcana in Picasso’s Guernica.

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