Five Lectures providing a concise overview of how Freemasons have infiltrated all levels of society globally, including Islam, as well as their Occult history and metaphysics.

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It is not possible to cover all aspects of Freemasonry in just a few hours. These five lectures demonstrate major elements of history and Mystery Religions associated with this cult and its practical applications that manipulate political power with respect to neuropolitics, which is the fine art of mind control and highest form of magic.

First Hour: Empire Of The Hidden Hand

British Imperialism / Islamic Fatwah / Muslim Freemasons / the 33rd Degree’s Relation to Bani Israel and the ancient Mysteries / Origin of The Anti-Christ / Al-Darjjal / Guilds vs Freemasonry / Luciferianism, Humanism, Universlaism, Perrenialism, Secular Humanism, Social Darwinism.

Second Hour: The People’s Choice

Occult Symbolism, from Far East to Middle East / Icons as Mind-Control weapons / Fallen Angels (djinn) Yazids, Sufis, Isis & Madonna goddess cults / the swastika (solar cross), Mithra, Cybele, Pergamum / Semiotic Mind Control by transsexual-androgyne goddess worship (Statues of Liberty & Al Lat) / Muslim leaders chosen by the enemies of Islam, The Theosophical Society, Riba.

Third Hour: Elements that permeate all society (part 1)

Fatwah Against Freemasonry (1978) and British Opposition to Muslim Unity (1924) / Masonic Structure / Dual Loyalty: Malay example, Jewish Influence / Star of David (origins,history & usage) / Masons in Uniform, Rotarians, advanced semiotics, the Sufi heart & sex magick, including sodomy / the Eastern Star (inverted pentagram) & Goat of Mendez, political semiotics, ancient origins and idolatrous use (Star & Crescent) in Islam.

Fourth Hour: Elements that permeate all society (part 2)

Egregore: branding the group mindset: Queen of Heaven, international semiotic use of the pentagram and Aleister Crowley’s 7-pointed star / The Pillars of Solomon & Malaysia, Singapore’s Lodge, The Obelisk, The Maltese Cross & Rome, the All-Seeing Eye & Jesuits- Catholics-Israel-Rothschilds / Origins of the Obelisk, sex-phallic-fertility worship, star of Shamash / Chi-Rho, Pharaoh, Pirates, Freemasons, Constantine & Washington DC.

Fifth Hour: Elements that permeate all society (part3)

Freemasonic Regalia and Cultural Subversion / Knights of Malta / idolatrous symbols used for international semiotic branding / the Muslim Brotherhood versus the Grand Sanusi & Omar Mukhtar in Libya / Satanism, pagan symbolism, sun-god, Thoth-Hermes, Isis as Madonna / review


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