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This series includes the following topics:

The Foundations Of Magic (parts I & II)
The Gender-Specific Development of the Brain
Occult/Semiotic Aspects of the Pentagram
Anthroposophy (A Gnostic Christian Cult)
Islamic Cosmology

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These video lectures are prepared by our author and lecturer Dr. Omar Zaid from AL Ginkgo. You will receive the protected links in a simple text file (.txt file) to download these lecture upon completion of order. After you have downloaded the text file, please open the text file and follow the instructions to download videos as instructed in the file.

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REAL POLITICAL SCIENCE: Semiotics, Magi, Mysteries & You

The material presented herein was originally presented by Jose Barrerra.  With his permission, I redid his exposition with minor elaborations. This discusses the use of semiotics by Mystery Religion initiates to condition and control the masses for the purpose of plunder by the elite of those cults that practice this fine art.

KEYWORDS & CONCEPTS:  Hermes, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, symbolism, Hellenization, semiotic magic, Pe’tar, pope, Persian priest, magi, grammar, conjuring, social conditioning, Egyptian scribes, magistrates, ancient and modern semiotics, talismans & money & fertility cult worship, ritual manipulation, physiology of human conditioning, subversion of reason, papacy, summoning of the elemental first principles, metaphysics of the cross, alchemy of human emotions (behavioral modification), operant conditioning, examples, conjuring the human imagination, sigils, incorporation (human law set above divine law), fear as a magic spell, Hermes & Real Politics,

**  Please forgive the lesser quality of this video’s illustrations.  It is among the first lectures I attempted as an unskilled computer guy with poor equipment and programs.

THE CULT OF THE STAR (45 minutes)

Applications of Semiotic Magic for Mass Mind Control in the Modern World

KEYWORDS & CONCEPTS:  Saturn, Covid, Protocols of Zion, Satan, misguidance via cultural memes, herd mentality, post-colonial nationalism = neo-tribalism, fabricated patriotism, Freemasonic Public Initiation, Cult of Plunder, F. Bastiat (The Law), Tawhid, Reductionism, NATO Psy-Ops, Public Relations, Jews, Uncle Sam, Cult of Mithra, Sassanian Equestrians, Occult Fascism, Liberty, The Vatican Cult, star’s origin, Star & Crescent, Astro-Theology, Eastern Star,  Serapis & Christ, iconography, pageantry, corporate management

ANTHROPOSOPHY (60 minutes)

An Introduction to and Discussion of Esoteric Christianity

This lecture is for advanced students who are already familiar with philosophical concepts, human history,  Gnostic Theology & Cosmology, logic, and aspects of Islamic Cosmology. It explains why the West has gone into globalism with a New Age Crusader fervor, which includes global pedestrians who pursue vain imaginations of human salvation.

KEYWORDS & CONCEPTS:  Rudolph Steiner, Spiritual Science, Perennialism, Greatest Initiates, Occult Organizations, astral plane, Akashic Chronicle, the question of freedom, actions, morals, humanism, dangers, Gnostic Christology, Theosophy, gods, an apology for the crucifixion of Christ as a ‘god’, Lucifer & Ahriman.

CREATION & COSMOLOGY: (68 minutes)

To the best of my ability, I relate and integrate science and revealed knowledge in this brief but comprehensive presentation. **

KEYWORDS & CONCEPTS:  Classical Islamic Cosmology, irreconcilable hadith, Ptolemaic Cosmology, Al’Qur’an’s universe, seven heavens & earths, The Pen, process of creation, universes, samawat al’ard, jannaat, throne, unseen dimensions, magnetosphere, the expanding universe, smoke, Big Bang, size, expansion, dark matter, dark energy, Kabbalist Cosmology, gravity, seven skies, great attractor, folds, doors (entries & exits), sound waves & light, angels, miraz, closed-oscillating universe, other dimensions, Big Crunch, Judgment Day, String Theory, dark matter of the unseen, ten dimensions of seven heavens the Allah’s weaving (Multiverse)

**  background music is written, recorded, and performed by Dr. Zaid

Gender Specific Development of the Human Brain:  **(59 minutes)

This lecture introduces concepts that afford greater understanding for the LGBT conundrum as the result of mankind’s negligence.

KEYWORDS & CONCEPTS:  neuroscience, formative forces, order, disorder, chaos, entropy, created potential, respite, form, function, purpose, effect, taqua, miracle, variation, deviation, limits, extremes, malformation, deformation, dysfunction, decay, human sexuality, teratogenesis, energy, boundaries, normal, abnormal, sexual anomalies, gender variations, fetal androgens, brain as a sex organ, etheric life force, embryogenesis, trespass, causation (determinants), cognitive sexual orientation, aberrant conditioning, genome, lesbian, homosexual, identity, social dysfunction,

**  My definitive treatment on this subject is in
Sexology for the Wise: Essays on Marriage, Queers, &  Occult Governance

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