Spiritual Law


Three lectures explaining spiritual laws that override shariah, as well as a fourth lecture on the Knowledge Crisis.

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Spiritual Determinism: 4 hours

Evil loves the intellectual voids of ignorance and superstition, where it draws nourishment from its requisite victims. Murderer, liar, thief and satyr swim in the naivete of mankind’s gullibility, especially wherever credulous minds are devoted to institutions that link political and religious rituals to false or incomplete doctrines. This brief series describes absolute spiritual law and default consequences should they be ignored, which is largely the case. Dr. Zaid also defines the set of responsibilities we too often abandon to those who practice and abet evil. Concepts and keywords outlined below are interwoven and placed in perspective throughout the synthesized narratives of each lecture. It will be helpful if a faculty member is assigned to help guide students through each lecture because much of what is discussed is at university or post-graduate levels. Careful review will find strong correlations with previously presented lectures. NB: all that is described herein is universally experienced as witnessed by history regardless of proclaimed faith.


What Goes Wrong and Why

KEYWORDS: descriptive communications, power, use, abuse, neglect, active disobedience, responsibility, ignorance, benefit, harm, sorcery, passive disobedience, education, adab, incorrect action, hisbah, conspiracy, sectarianism,  meritocracy, amana, misplaced trust (examples), pride, apathy, greed and selfishness, accountability, authoritarianism, taqlid, moral priority, justice, virtue, righteousness, Dar-ul’Islam, human relations, loss of dominion = loss of faith, guidance versus misguidance, dystopia, the heart disease of tyranny, the Beast, Dajjal NWO  /  sources of knowledge: ‘ilm al-zahir & ‘ilm al-Batin must flow together, unqualified shura, the triumph of Al’Lat   /  Knowledge Synthesis: the ideal shura of a two-eyed caliphate of the ‘ilm al’taqlid of the NWO’s one-eyed shura  /  the Muslim world at present as a one-eyed Calphate or Council of Special Interests.

Essential Knowledge For Muslim Leaders

Principles of Spiritual Law 
Founded per Mohammad’s address on his entry to Medina.
Fear of God / Obedience to God / Remembrance of God

KEYWORDS:  Ibn Khaldun, moral force, predetermined absolute laws with consequences, success versus failure, benefit versus harm, bad laws versus divine law, inverse determinants and consequences, moral versus immoral choices, divine imperatives, the Rights of God, Mongol & Crusader invasions, loss of Muslim dominion, apathy, loss of hope, group feeling, leadership, enslavement, helplessness, identity, victims, decay, peace & security, good science, good morals, decline of high culture, hedonism, defeat due to the neglect of spiritual law, victor, victim’s assimilation, fate.

FEAR OF GOD: redemption, favor, reward, success, wrath, punishment, judgment, virtue, piety, deen, taffakur, truth-based decision making, action, intention, good deeds, pride, corruption, wrong decisions, wrong actions, harm, inverse corollaries, default outcomes.

OBEDIENCE TO GOD:  discernment, grace, insight, evidence, guidance, slackness, diligence, jihad, enemies, correct decision-making, correct moral discernment, acquisition of knowledge, incompetence, trust.

REMEMBRANCE OF GOD: power, sincerity, work, authority, right footing, tawhid, humility, shame, divine law, discipline, choice, dominion. ethics, morals, good deeds on earth, deen.


Inverse Consequences

KEYWORDS: proper actions, favor (grace) versus disfavor (harm, disgrace), strong evidence of divine approval & guidance (fitrah, revelation, inspiration), as’sakinnah (peace & security), God’s protection, heedless leaders, insufficiency, reductionism, loss, lost, materialism, delusion, falsehood, misapplication of science, tribalism, patriotism, sectarianism, nepotism, Humanism, Universalism (Perennialism), akhira, failure, Western Ascendance, adab, akhlaq, God Willing, cognitive acquisition, truth, purpose, stupidity, knowledge, understanding, al’hisbah, the ignoramus, pretentious piety,

SIGNS: pageantry, opulence, elitism, fear of man, exploitation, plunder, institutional evil (ponerism), monarchy, tradition (way of Cain), idolatry, hero worship, reprobate, selfishness, sociopathy, apotheosis, god-man cult, spiritual blindness.

Fourth Hour EXAMPLES **


KEYWORDS: premature decay, neglect, entropy, disorder, chaos, work, maintenance, autonomy  dominion, dignity, diligence, skill, action, possess, protect, resources, economy, waste, sin, tauba, hisbah,  betrayal of trust, social disorder. 


KEYWORDS:  walliyah, djinn, temporal respite, fitnah, Medina versus Baghdad, illusion, classes of misguidance, jummah people, complacency,


KEYWORDS:  principle of substitution, contract, worthless sincerity, trust, no divine help.


KEYWORDS:  self-reproach, rebuke, remorse, empathy, compassion, restitution, reverence, divine order, apology for sin, restoration, hypocrisy, insincerity, purpose.


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